How Can NCR Make You Think and Look Better?

Have you noticed that people’s personalities sometimes change after head injuries? There is a mechanical reason for this: the brain functions with 2 crucial fluids – blood and cerebrospinal fluid, and the flow patterns are made worse. Hydraulics tell us that the flowing patterns for fluids are determined by the shape of the vessel that they flow inside. Head bones change their alignment with traumatic events such as falls, accidents, beatings, dental work, and PTSD events. So these incidents cause changes in brain functions. For one person it can be depression, for another memory lapses, and for a 3rd he/she may have no creativity anymore. Looks change with the altered bone alignments as well because skin is only stretched tightly when the bones are in their ideal positions. Otherwise, they display wrinkles, folds, and creases in the face. Vision, balance, and jaw functions are also affected with changed bone positions. After the head bones have changed alignments from these assorted incidents, they will sometimes recover and there will be no long-term change. But that is rare, most of the time they do not return and require very specific treatment in order to be returned to their original design. Unfortunately, physical medicine therapy focuses on relief of pain and joint malfunctions—the relief is wonderful but cures are rare. This is why many people see physical medicine therapists very regularly, needing massages, chiropractic treatments, craniosacral therapy, etc. every week or so—forever. Dr. Dean Howell developed NeuroCranial Restructuring techniques over 30 years ago and are still the only physical medicine concepts and modalities that routinely restore the original bone alignment patterns that rid people of these annoying bony alignment problems. There is now a 30-year history of successful treatment of many different conditions such as headaches and migraines, sinusitis, double vision, glaucoma, sleep apnea, TMD, anxiety, depression, OCD, anger management, whiplash syndrome, hunchback, swayback, sciatica, and energy-chakra balance problems. All of these conditions are primarily mechanical in causation. For example, you should not use herbs or pharmaceutical drugs to treat chronic depression. It is better to correct the underlying problem with NCR. As the skull bones gradually move into better and better alignment patterns, the brain fits more and more perfectly inside the skull which means that it is pressed upon less and less by the bones. That’s right, it is rather like the brain is being squeezed all the time, and that’s what makes it malfunction. With NCR we gradually decompress the brain and mechanically relieve much of the body’s stress. There is now less need of elective plastic surgery, too. Thinking about an eye tuck, cheekbone balancing procedures, or maxillofacial surgery to bring the face and jaw forward? These symptoms can be corrected with NeuroCranial Restructuring!

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